Remote Training

Do you live out of the state, or is my private facility too far to drive to? With today’s technology, I’m able to connect with clients all over the world. From Tokyo, Japan, to Detroit, Michigan and even France, I have clients all over who I help reach their personal goals. This is what remote training is all about. No matter where you are, we can connect.

Training Options

Option 1

  • A personalized 12-week program

It’s just for you. You know what you’re doing and want a professional with over 20 years’ experience to make you a program.
12 weeks makes a habit, and 12 weeks also gets you to be GOOD at something.

I don’t like the constant changing of a workout. I want you to get really good, and strong at the exercises I give you to do. All tailored to you and your personal goals.

  • Weekly email check-ins
  • An initial 30-minute video conference
  • Two additional video conferences over 12 weeks

More video sessions can be added upon request.


Option 2


  • Everything in Option 1
  • Video conference every other week
  • Unlimited email access

You can email me with questions any time! And more video chats can be added if you like.

Option 3


  • Totally customized consulting

The sky’s the limit. I can come to you, wherever you may live.

I can show you what equipment you need for the space that you have, pick the local gym that best suits you, go over your grocery shopping and cooking or suggest an online meal-prep company that will work best for you. You name it!