Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever you’re wondering about, I’ve probably been asked it before.
But if you don’t see your question answered here, contact me!

General Questions

Yes, absolutely. I work with athletes of all ages and sports, as well as general fitness and injury prevention.

I actually spent 3 semesters at Kent working with the elderly on their fitness and health.  Its something I’ve continued to do ever since.

My facility is wheelchair-accessible and set up to work with most disabilities.  Email me any specific concerns.

I do give nutrition advice.  Those clients that take the nutritional advice are always reaching their goals faster than someone that may ignore it.

I go over all sorts of information in our initial interview.  If I think you may have some medical issues that require a doctor’s approval, I’ll let you know at that time.  But if you think you may need a doctor’s approval, it’s best to just get it before seeing me.

Questions About Gym Sessions

My rates vary from $45 to $75 per session. This all depends on the length of time you will dedicate to your training, times per week, and the session length.

I advise people based on their goals and budget. Typically clients come 2 to 3 times a week.  But everyone is different in their needs.

My gym is only open when i have appointments.

It will just be you and me when you’re training. You’ll never feel like you’re in a fish bowl being watched by everyone when you’re in my private facility.

I do charge a small fee for bringing a friend to workout on a client-by -client basis.  But if someone just wants to come and hang out and see what an appointment is all about, no charge.

Questions About Remote Coaching

Remote coaching can be an à la carte experience and if you want to come to my private facility, arrangements can be made.