Success Stories

My clients’ tenure is as long as 20 years, down to 3 years, And maybe a new client here or there is in the 2 month to 2 years range. What does this mean? When people choose to train with me, they stay. People stay because they know they are getting something truly exceptional and tailored to their changing needs as they age or define new goals.

The Kilimanjaro Climb was for me an exceptional experience thanks to Mark. My expectations were not only met, they were exceeded. I felt that many of the workouts prior to the climb were much more challenging then the climb itself.

The many hours of training prior made the climb itself an enjoyable adventure as opposed to a grueling one. Thank you Mark for helping me reach my goal to summit Kilimanjaro. It would not have been the same wonderful experience without your guidance.

Claudia Moldovan

In my work as a Registered Nurse Massage Therapist it has been my privilege and pleasure to collaborate with Mark Campana. He shares in my own passion of guiding, molding, and even cajoling patrons into their highest fitness and wellness.

My own philosophy of practice is to bring the body (and the brain) into free and fluid coordinated movement. Whenever I receive a referral from the Coach, without fail, what I meet is someone whose body has achieved strength and stamina and balance — and whose core and extremities, posture and confidence can only result from a well-considered and individualized program of conditioning.

Whatever your fitness goals, whether you want to build up, maintain, or recover — and claim the well-being that comes with them, get on board with Coach Campana!

Paul Royer, RN/LMT

Our school district has been in search of expert, professional fitness training for our middle and high school students. We consulted with M Campana Fitness in order to make sure that we were asking the right questions of those that we interviewed. Mr. Campana himself created a list of thoughtful, knowledgeable suggestions that we put to use. This enabled us to find a quality, professional fitness expert to work with our students.

Dr. Alfonso Angelucci

Superintendent, Union Area School District, New Castle, PA

Mark has been my personal trainer for over 2 years now. He provides training tailored to the individual. He varies each session depending on the individual’s needs, abilities, and health issues at the current time. He also varies the training session to work all the different parts of muscles, particularly the major muscles. Observing clients coming and going as I come and go for my sessions, I have also so noticed Mark works with a very wide diversity of clients with regards to age, gender, body type, ability/disability, health issues, and personalities.

One of the things that most impresses me about Mark is his own desire to keep learning, evolving, and improving as a person himself in all ways. After observing this, I think it is a key characteristic of an excellent personal trainer. (This is quite logical as if he is not, how can he be invested in my improvement)? This is also reflected in his bringing in new equipment for his clients, as he learns of new items. I have never been a person who enjoys exercising, but I truly look forward to my training sessions with Mark and feel my training with him is key to my personal health and fitness goals.

Priscilla R. Smith, Ph.D.

Professor of Social Work, The University of Akron
Mark practices what he preaches which makes him creditable and inspiring. He is there for support via text or e-mail even when you are not in a session with him. There are no excuses why you can not achieve your goals when he is your trainer.

Jaclyn H.

I have known Mark Campana for many years. For most of those years I have had the pleasure of working out with him, which was a great situation for me. However, the experience that sticks out in my mind the most is the year that Mark worked with a couple of my athletes.

You see, I am a High School Track Coach in Cincinnati. There have been numerous occasions where I have asked Mark for some ideas, but one year he actually came down to Cincinnati and worked hands on with my 2 Shot Put and Discus throwers. He totally took charge of their strength and conditioning program for the entire off-season (and even into the regular season). That year one of them was the Conference Champion in the Shot Put and the other was the Conference Champion in the Disc. The Discus thrower was also a Regional Qualifier that year. What amazed me the most was not the results they saw in the Throws but more the results they saw in the weight room. It was there that the two of them forged the core strength that they needed to be successful in the throws. Their experience in the weight room made the throwing look easy. Since that off-season they have both become “work out junkies”, they love being in the weight room and to this day they give much of the credit to Mark. Thank you, from all 3 of us.

Shane Bartholomew

Football/Track Coach, Milford School District, Cincinnati, OH

Mark is a fantastic trainer ! When I met Mark to discuss working with him, I was overweight, sluggish and dreading my 50th birthday — and now with his expertise I’ve lost twenty pounds and twenty inches, added muscle, toned up, and the best part — lost three dress sizes! I am happy, confident and feel terrific. I sleep better, I have more energy. My sore back is history because Mark is a professional — he knows what he is doing and what is best for me. He is patient, smart and the absolute BEST trainer/coach I have ever had!

Meg H.

I am a 53 year old active woman. I have known and trained with Mark for ??? 10 years. Mark is truly a professional who continues to keep up to date on the changing trends in exercise and training. I am a pretty active woman who enjoys tennis, golf and skiing amongst many other things. What I like most about Mark is how he adjusts my workouts depending on what time of year it is and what sport I am most active in at the time. He is constantly coming up with new ideas on how to keep my workout fun while achieving the goal of good physical fitness. As an aging woman I find it more and more important to keep my muscles strong in order to protect myself against osteoporosis. Mark helps me achieve this goal and keeps me feeling young.

Mary Kay C.

It seemed as though I’d tried everything — nine medications, three therapists, even hypnosis; nothing really helped. Most people don’t realize depression effects you just as much physically as it does mentally. Before I started training with Mark, I was sleeping close to 15 hours a day. I had no energy or motivation to do anything. Everyone insisted that working out would give me the oomph I needed. It was worth a try, but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. My strength, flexibility, and balance have all improved thanks to Mark. With him, its not just about being in shape; it’s about being healthy. And the healthier I get, the more energy I have. I am no longer exhausted, relying on sugar and caffeine to stay awake. I now have the strength and energy to make it through the day and actually enjoy it. Thanks Mark

C. L.

I decided to sign up with a personal trainer in order to get in shape
for a wedding. My plan was to go for about 3 months and then work out on my own. I interviewed several trainers and decided to go with Mark because he seemed very knowledgeable and I also liked the private atmosphere of his gym. After the 3 months were up I was so pleased with my results I decided to keep going. I have been training with Mark for about a year now and I am still seeing results. I continue to lose pounds, inches and body fat. Signing up for training with Mark was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

A. W.

My wife and I are Mark Campana’s clients, she for several years, I for several months. I’ve been impressed by his ability to sustain my wife’s enthusiasm for fitness over the years and signed up after my own personal fitness program needed a kick start. Through only a few days a week, Mark has reduced our waistlines, enhanced our cardio, improved our flexibility and increased our strength. Best of all, energy and outlook went along with those gains. Part mentor, part coach, part warden, his goal is your fitness. His combination of person interest, professional preparedness and hands on attention make him a standout. We highly recommend him.

Bob R.

As a paraplegic, I am pleased with the results that Mark has pushed me to achieve. I feel I owe a big part of my recovery to him. His weight training has made me stronger, faster more independent, and healthier. Mark has challenged me beyond my capabilities by inspiring me to compete in weight lifting competitions and persuading me to get back into the game I love, softball. Mark’s facility, commitment, and work ethic are excellent and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for all your help and dedication.

Melissa R.

Planning for a child later in life, I wanted to get in shape and increase my endurance to be able to keep up with our 4 year old and a newborn. When I started with Mark I had back pain and neck pain causing sever headaches. I needed help! I tried two other trainers that made my workouts feel tedious and boring, I dreaded going. I would be so sore that my training sessions made it difficult for me to get out of bed and just move the next day. My back and neck pain were worse. I needed to find the right fit to ignite my workouts and achieve my goals. Mark is that perfect fit. I look forward to every training session. He tailored my workouts to what I am capable of doing and I can see and feel RESULTS. I no longer have back or neck pain and the headaches have stopped. My energy level has increased and I can move freely the next day. I am the strongest I have ever been.

Mark individualizes exercise sessions and assists with nutrition and motivation. I am a vegetarian and he has helped me with meal planning to meet my protein requirements and making sure I am eating enough to keep my body fueled and healthy.

My husband is a client of Mark’s and is seeing GREAT RESULTS as well. We feel that with Mark’s education and experience we are achieving our goals. Mark makes us feel like we have a “Trainer To The Stars” right here in our backyard. We are all stars in Mark’s book! Thank You Mark!

Lisa C.

From state of the art workouts to nutritional advice, Mark has the answers. The gym is conveniently located, has state-of-the-art equipment, and provides a completely personalized approach. His programs are dynamic, original, and FUN. I’m making tremendous strength gains thanks to consistency in the gym. The one-on-one approach to every aspect of my training has shown me how to actually enjoy my workouts. My strength and endurance have soared. Thanks Mark!

Tim S.

I have been reluctant to use a personal trainer in the past until I started working with Mark Campana. Since I started training with him 2 years ago I have seen continued improvement in my strength, flexibility and endurance. Mark is a student of the industry and easy to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to kick start their fitness goals!

Goran M.

Mark Campana is a professional personal trainer on many levels. His vast knowledge and approach to training is a cut above and he constantly provides the “you can do it” attitude to his client. I’ve been with Mark for several years and I have so benefited from my weekly sessions with him. No matter how I am feeling when I enter his gym and we dialogue about some of my “chronic” lower back issues, the agenda is “not what we can’t do” but yes, “we can do it this way” and still get results. I have truly never left his gym feeling worse, or the same, but always better. He creates an environment that instills the belief that no matter what……you will be successful.


Mark Campana is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. He is very professional, always on time and works hard to vary my routine while being mindful of my abilities on any given day. He pushes you without being pushy. Best of all as a 60+ woman I am able to play with my 3 year old twin granddaughters without restraint.


I have had other trainers, and no one has given me the personal attention like Mark does. Mark is completely focused on me and helping me to achieve my goals when I am there. The workouts are tailored to my needs – in particular I have issues with my wrists. Mark is able to give me, tough, creative and fun workouts that work around my wrist issues, while at the same time helping to strengthen those areas, as well as the rest of my body and overall fitness level.


Mark has both excellent training and a great demeanor which somehow makes every session enjoyable as goals seem more easily attained. Mark is also very attuned to any potential injuries and/or stress put on existing conditions which, in my case, included taking into consideration workouts prior to and after hand surgery. He also carefully designed workouts to accomplish my personal goals while keeping things interesting and not boring or repetitious. I never expected to actually like going to workout however now my weeks aren’t complete without Mark’s good coaching!


Living in Japan a I have found it difficult to find a gym that meets all my fitness needs. I grew tired of dealing with trainers with limited fitness knowledge, waiting to use crowed machines, and being treated as a number. Three years ago I gave up on the gyms in Japan and decided to train at home. During the first few months on my own I made some progress, but that soon changed. I got bored with my routines and found it difficult to find new ones. My workouts were very inconsistent for the next two years. Last year I started training with Mark online and he has continued to impress me with his professionalism, support, and knowledge. Mark has been an invaluable resource of information providing me varied workout routines, video of how to perform exercises correctly, and support. He has helped me reach a level of fitness I never thought was possible.
Thank you Mark!


Mark is an outstanding trainer who has developed a personalized strength and conditioning plan for my wife. She actually looks forward to her sessions and the results speak for themselves! Thanks Mark!